Augmented Reality from Limbs & Things

Limbs & Things Augmented Reality Training (ART for short) utilises the latest in AR technology to enhance key simulation products. ART allows users to look under the skin to visualise internal anatomy as well as procedures in a 3D interactive space, that overlays a range of Limbs & Things products.

Download the L&T ART app for FREE


Download the L&T ART App to your device using one of the links below. It's completely FREE to get the app and use it. It can even be used without one of our compatible trainers, simply choose the model you want to interact with and check out the interactive anatomy views.

About the ART App and Mats

New technology can be daunting, but ART utilises your existing Limbs & Things trainers and standard camera enabled devices for a quick and easy boost to learning.

For customer who already have one of these medical simulators, the Mats are available to purchase as an add-on, to ensure you're getting the most out of your trainers.

PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulators

Combine the PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulator, ART Mat and FREE ART app, for a dynamic experience of overlaid anatomy and captivating procedural animations, including spontaneous vaginal birth, breech Mauriceau-Smellie-Veit manoeuvre, and shoulder dystocia scenarios showing McRoberts, suprapubic pressure and internal manoeuvres.

Lumbar Puncture Trainers

All three of the Limbs & Things Lumbar Puncture trainers can be used in conjunction with the new ART Mats. Explore the Anatomical Layers with the FREE ART app, or use in conjunction with the trainer and mat for overlaid anatomy and procedure animations, including LP needle path and extraction of CSF.

Catheterisation Trainers

Access the 3D interactive anatomy of both the male and female catheterisation training models via the ART app. Explore the layered and cross section illustrated internal anatomy. Or use the free app in conjunction with your L&T trainer to see AR anatomy and follow animated procedures.

Chest Drain & Needle Decompression Trainers

Anatomical layers from skin to lungs are available on the app for study without the trainer and Mat, at no cost. When ART Mat and Chest Drain manikin are used together with the app, you can also view animations overlaying the model with procedural scenarios.

ART User Guide

Instructions for the set up and use of the ART Mat.

Download User Guide

Available for Lumbar Puncture Trainers

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture

Available for Catheterisation Trainers


Available for Chest Drain Trainers

Chest Drain

View the range of ART Mats available

ART Mats